PS⁴ ((( tuning the white walls )))

2016 | site-specific installation
7-channel audio, custom software (MaxMSP), tactile transducers
Commissioned by PS² for the event series Tuning the White Walls
Curated by Min Kim | PS² Gallery, Belfast, UK

PS⁴ is a site-specific sonic-spatial installation responding to the architecture, aural characteristics and environmental conditions of PS². The work addresses the gallery space as a sensory physical environment rather than as a mere container. The installation activates the space with acoustic energy, animating the specific resonances and textures of the room materials. An immersive evolving field of vibrations, subsonic oscillations and spatial effects is created throughout the gallery. The continuum between airborne and structure-borne tactile sound and the shifting thresholds of attention between sensations arising from the inner-body, the interior and the exterior of the gallery space can be experienced and actively explored. Participants are invited to take off their shoes at the entrance for a better experience.

Thanks to Min Kim, Peter Mutschler, Robin Price, David Bird and Hadi Bastani.