untitled (sharawadji #102)

2013 | public site-specific installation | 20-channel, tactile transducers
Depósito de Especies, Matadero Madrid

An unmarked sound sculpture created for the new access to the Matadero cultural complex, next to its restored water tower. The work is embedded in the architecture, creating a subtly immersive experience merging with the everyday sonic environment of the transit location. The composition features evolving layers of high frequency textures and micro sounds based on a combination of processed environmental and synthetic sound materials emitted through twenty small transducers hidden along both sides of the wooden footbridge. The work introduces a spatial soundfield in continuous interaction with the fluctuations of the urban background noise and the activity of passers-by during day and night.

The Sharawadji effect is an aesthetic effect which characterises the sensation of plenitude sometimes created by the contemplation of a complex soundscape whose beauty is unexplainable. Whether in a dreamlike or anxious state, we are sometimes completely deaf to the environment. However, while on a walk or on a journey, our spirit can combine availability, attention, perspicacity and therefore become receptive to new things, including sonic fantasy.

Jean-François Augoyard and Henry Torgue in Sonic Experience: A guide to Everyday Sounds