2016-ongoing | ca. 30-45′ | quadraphonic live sound performance

STÅTIC LIMBØ is an immersive sonic-spatial live performance based on electromagnetic sounds and ultrasonic signals.

The work is a manifestation of ongoing artistic research focusing on the exploration of a variety of energetic and acoustic phenomena which lie beyond the normal thresholds of human perception yet are ubiquitously present in everyday, urban, industrial and even remote outdoor environments. These signals have both natural or anthropic origin and range from earth magnitude to the micro scale.

The sonic materials used in this project include electromagnetic fields (EMF), aelectrosonic VLF radio, airwaves, communication and ultrasonic signals which have been made audible through different transduction technologies (i.e. sensors, antennas, d.i.y sonification circuits).

The live performance explores the chaotic rhythms, spectral patterns and textures present in the sonic materials in an immersive multichannel concert setting.

Original source recordings made anywhere since 2007.


– Experimental Electronics, Café OTO, London, UK
– Galerie Školská 28, Prague, Czech Republic
– RED NOISE, Auróra, Budapest, Hungary
– BELI ŠUM, Centralna Postaja, Maribor, Slovenia
– VELAK (Verein für Elektroakustische Musik), Vienna, Austria (premiere event)