immersive multichannel installation / concert event
variable format | extended-duration

SUBMERSION is an immersive extended-duration multichannel work based on (sub)aquatic recordings. The raw sonic materials used as the basis for this project have been gathered over the years at multiple locations throughout Europe and also in South America using a variety of listening technologies (acoustic/air microphones, hydrophones and structural/material sensors). Sites and sources explored encompass diverse types of waterbodies, precipitation phenomena and controlled environments.

The project is conceived as variable in form and content, with manifestations adapted to diverse contexts and technical configurations. The first large-scale realisation is currently in progress in the Sonic Lab at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, using the 46-speaker spatial sound system installed in this purpose-built space.

SUBMERSION(#137) is a piece for headphones arising from this project, available as an online publication.

sonicLabspecs Sonic Lab at SARC Belfast