entangled ::: xirminja nahpy benry

immersive durational ambisonic installation and live performance
ongoing project series, duration and dimensions variable

“To be entangled is not simply to be intertwined with another, as in the joining of separate entities, but to lack an independent, self-contained existence” — Karen Barad

entangled ::: xirminja nahpy benry is an immersion into the sonic environments of flooded tropical Amazonian rainforests. The project explores the stunning complexity of the sonic mesh created by insects, birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, fishes, vegetational species, soil and water through the 24-hour cycle.

The work draws on a set of distributed listening strategies in the field and the studio, with three hundred hours of unattended long-form air sound recordings produced throughout two months in diverse locations across the Amanã and Mamirauá territories in the central Brazilian Amazon region during the dry season of 2015. This body of environmental sound materials is explored as a multidimensional (temporal-spatial) entity (a sonic hyperobject) which can be traversed through different listening pathways.

The project is an ongoing series with diverse manifestations as immersive durational installations and live performance events. It is composed using ambisonic surround sound techniques which allow adaptation to different multichannel systems and configurations. The experience takes place in almost complete darkness to facilitate deep listening.


AUDIORAMA, Geiger Septemberfest!, Gothenburg – 2019.09.27
live performance, 24.4 ambisonic configuration, 45 min

EARSHOTS!, One Hundred Years Gallery, London – 2016.09.10
live performance, quadraphonic, 30 min

Sonorities Festival, Sonic Arts Research Center (SARC), Belfast – November 2016
exhibition, immersive installation, horizontal octagon speaker ring, 6 hours 35 min (∞)

Sonic Environments, NIME/ACMC 2016, IMERSD Room, Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane – July 2016
exhibition, immersive installation, 8-channel audio, horizontal octagon speaker ring, 1 hour (∞)


This project has been possible thanks to the support of several organisations and the involvement of many people.

_ Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute, Tefé, Amazonas
_ Laboratory for Acoustics and Sonic Arts (LASom), Institute of Arts, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), São Paulo
_ Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen´s University Belfast (QUB)
_ Santander International Mobility Award
_ Francis Chagrin Award, Sound and Music, London
_ T-37 DIY Hackspace, Madrid

Special thanks: Silvia Janoskova, José Augusto Mannis, Maria Cecilia Gomes, Moisés, Careta, Omar, Zé, and everyone (staff, researchers, field specialists, local inhabitants) who helped in Tefé, and in the riverine communities of Baré, Boa Esperança, Jarauá, and Horizonte within Amanã and Mamirauá.