xirminja nahpy benry

6 hour 35 min (∞) | ambisonic sound installation (for variable number of speakers)

xirminja nahpy benry is an immersion into the sonic environments of flooded tropical amazonian rainforests. The ongoing project is based on an extensive body of long-form field recordings made over several weeks during the dry season of 2015 at multiple sites across the Mamirauá and Amanã Reserves in the Brazilian Central Amazon region. The installation consists of a durational sonic-spatial composition exploring the stunning complexity of the sonic mesh created by insects, birds, amphibians, fishes, reptiles, mammals, vegetational matter and water through a 24-hour cycle.

The installation was premiered at Sonorities Festival 2016, Belfast, UK with an eight-speaker configuration in pitch dark.

Other versions and related presentations:

– Sonic Environments :: ACMC 2016 Interdisciplinary Conference, Brisbane, Australia :: 8-channel installation (45min version) :: 10-11 July 2016
– EARSHOTS! concert series :: One Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK :: live performance (quadraphonic) :: 10 Sep 2016

Fieldwork photos selection posted online ::: Amana :: Mamirauá

Thanks to the funders and supporters of this project: Mamirauá Institute (Tefé, Amazonas), SARC-Sonic Arts Research Centre (Belfast), LASom-Laboratorio de Acústica e Artes Sonoras, Instituto de Artes, UNICAMP (Campinas-São Paulo), T-37 (Madrid), Santander Foundation UK, Sound and Music´s Francis Chagrin Award.

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